Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ugh, this woman!

We went to Target tonight.  We spent $89.12 and save $80.50.  I would say it was a wootable trip.  We got some great deals on things that we needed.  Except cat food, because I forgot those coupons at home.  See, this is why I keep a coupon binder.

Ok, on to what the title of this post is about.

After Target (and Payless) we stopped by CVS.  They were about to close and I only wanted to get a few things.  I have two rainchecks from when they were having their sale on Aussie and Herbal Essence.  I have a coupon for "Buy any Aussie styling product get $2 off any shampoo or conditioner."  The rainchecks make one styling product $0.99 and one shampoo or conditioner $0.99, which with the coupon would make those two free with a little overage.  I grabbed those plus two small packages of Wheat Thins and two small packages of Fig Newtons.  Those were each $0.99 and I had $1 off coupons for all of them.  Oh and I was getting paper towels, but I didn't have a problem with those.  So I put all of my purchases on the counter and "the lady" rings me up.  I hand her my rainchecks and she tells me I "should have given those to her first".  I apologized to her for it and handed her my coupons.  All of them ring up fine except for the Aussie.  Her explanation is that the coupon is for more than the price of the products.  Now keep in mind that I had done this same exact transaction (Aussie coupons with the rain checks) a couple of weeks before and everything went smoothly.  This was actually my second time to try it with these particular rainchecks and coupon.  Since she was refusing it I asked that she take off the Aussie and give me back my rianchecks and coupon.  She got all huffy and said she had to void the whole thing and ring everything up again.  At this point I really didn't care what trouble she had to go through.  So I ended up getting two packages of Fig Newtons, two packages of Wheat Thins, and an 8-pack of Scott paper towels for $3.18, and a $1.ECB back.  When I got in the car I was telling Jarrod that I really don't want to go back to that CVS again and what happened.  Then I realized... there was overage after the coupons for the Wheat Thins and the Fig Newtons!  Her reason for the Aussie coupon not working should have applied for the Wheat Thins and the Fig Newtons!  Oh this lady aggravates me!  So I shall be making another call to corporate and the store tomorrow.  And, this time I am complaining!